It’s very rare to find a person who works for someone else and loves their job. Many people dream of starting their own business so they never have to work for someone else again. And while many people dream of it, few people take the necessary steps to pursue the passions and dreams they have for starting their own company.

If you want to start up your own business but are working for someone else, no matter how great your product or service is, you’ll have to restrain yourself from quitting. At least for now. It’s important to hold onto that day job even if it feels emotionally draining because for right now until you get things up and running, you need that job.

Here are more reasons why you shouldn’t box up your desk just yet.

Leaving at the Wrong Time Will Only Put You Back to Square One

Everyone has had a job they’ve despised at one point or another. And maybe you hate your current job right now. But it is a means to an end, and if you walk out before you get your business set up properly, you might run out of finances to properly fund it which means you’ll either need to grovel to your boss for your old job back or go work for someone else again.

You Need to Get Things Going

Whatever it is you’re planning to do with your business, you need to get it set up. Try to get all the bugs out and test it like crazy to make sure it’s going to work out first. If you find that when you conduct surveys about your product or service, the market isn’t responding, having your day job as a security blanket allows you to still bring in income while you tinker with your business and fine tune the details.

You Have to Start Generating Revenue

Working for someone else will never make you the kind of money you want in most cases. However, in order to work for yourself, you need your business to start bringing in money on a steady basis. Don’t just walk out of your current job to run your business without keeping an eye on those numbers. Be patient and look for ways to grow your brand, your product, and your service.

It Requires Burning the Candle at Both Ends

It’s not going to be easy to start up your business while working for someone else. You will need to devote every drop of free time you get to ensuring your business is successful. That will mean going to work each day and coming home in the evening to work for yourself. You’ll need to stay organized and follow a plan to get the end results you want, but in the end, isn’t working for yourself what you want? Don’t let the extra hard work you need to put in stop you from achieving your business dreams!

Your Day Job Gives You Financial Security

Most businesses don’t start rolling in money on the first day. You need your day job to help keep you financially secure. You’ll also want to tuck money away in savings for emergency purposes in case things don’t work out. The steady income from your job allows you the luxury of deciding when it is time to call it quits on your day job, so hang in there and keep working for your business when you’re not at the office, all the while tucking that money away for a rainy day.

Stay Until You’re Sure You’re up and Running Effectively

Think of yourself like Clark Kent. By day, he worked for The Daily Planet. And when he was needed, he became Superman. You too will feel a lot like Superman, being pulled in a million different directions at once. But getting going is most important before you give your notice. Ask yourself if you have a good customer base, if you’re generating enough revenue, if you have all the equipment and employees necessary to run your business, if you’ve taken care of any and all legal requirements and if you’re financially capable of supporting yourself should things turn south. Once you have all those ducks nicely in a row, then you can pack up your belongings and turn in your name badge for good.

One last thing though: don’t burn your bridges. Even if you hate your boss or the company you work for, leave with grace and poise. You never know when you may need to work with these people again. If you’re running a business in the same industry, it’s especially wise not to make any enemies. And even if you’re going into an unrelated business, you never know who can be your best customers in the future.

Leave in the proper and professional way and people will look to your business for your product or service, or even refer others to you. You’ll enjoy more success this way and leave very little hard feelings when you do things in the right way.