It has been a very busy last few months for me. Between life, family, work, this blog, and my other endeavors to achieve financial freedom, I have done nothing to prepare for an upcoming family vacation.

I am so very thankful for my wife, who has been planning and packing for our trip. And with our trip just a couple of weeks away, I am starting to get really nervous about it.

To be completely honest, our trip should actually be a very fun one. We will be traveling to Asia and going to Taiwan, Japan, and Hong Kong for two weeks. I am sure there will be tons of great food to eat and lots of fun things to do during our vacation.

So you must be wondering – if that’s the case, then what can possibly be making me so nervous.

Traveling With a Toddler

Well, the first thing that is making me nervous is the fact that we will be traveling with our 14 month old (will be 15 month old during the trip) son.

Our flight to Asia will be close to 17 hours, so I am hoping that he will sleep for most of the flight and be well-behaved.

Since we are traveling around in Asia to unfamiliar places and restaurants, I am hoping these places will be family friendly and, more importantly, child-friendly.

How Will I Update This Blog?

The second thing making me a bit nervous is that I will not be able to work on and update this blog as freely and frequently as I do now.

As a new blog, it takes time to gain readers and grow traffic.

A two week absence from a blog is a long time and my readers (the few that I’ve managed to pick up so far) may either think I abandoned this blog or may not bother coming back at all because of this hiatus.

I know this post is letting you know that I will be traveling, but how would I inform you when I am back with new content. Since I have not set up my newsletter or email list, I can only hope that you all will check back in a few weeks.

So What’s My Plan?

As for traveling with our son, we will be doing plenty of research on how to keep him entertained on the plane and will try to figure out which places and restaurants are kid-friendly. We will be sure to pack lots of toys, snacks, diapers, and milk for him.

However, outside of doing those things, I think I can only hope that it will not be as crazy and hectic as I am imagining it will be in my head.

As for keeping this blog updated, I have a bit more options. Blogging is known for its flexibility and I will be putting it to the test during my trip.

I will try to plan ahead and come up with some ideas on the content I want to publish during my travel. If I can find some time before we leave, I might even try to draft up a few of the posts in advance and schedule the posts to be published at specific dates and times.

In the event I cannot get ahead, my backup plan is to bring my laptop with me so I can work on our flights and publish content using the hotels’ free WiFi connections.

Wish me luck! If you have any tips or suggestions on blogging while traveling, share them with me in the comments section below.