Here I am – it has been a week since my post mentioning my upcoming family vacation.

Fortunately, I am a little less nervous now that I have started to prepare and pack for the trip. My wife is also quite happy now that I am finally starting to show some interest and doing something (anything!) for our trip.

With our trip just a few days away, we still have several things we need to do.

Thankfully, our son’s luggage is completely packed with his clothes, pajamas, milk, diapers, and toys. We also placed the travel stroller and baby carrier next to his luggage – just to make sure that we will remember to bring these things with us. We will most likely need to bring his car seat too. Who knew there were so many things to pack for a toddler?

We still need to do our laundry before we can start packing our clothes. We will definitely need to do this in the next couple of days.

As for this blog, I already started to jot down some ideas for my next few posts. Now it is just a matter of narrowing down the ideas and writing them up.

I will definitely need to write up at least one post prior to the trip, so I can schedule it to post while I am on the plane.

Since the flight is almost 17 hours long, I am hoping that I would be able to write up a couple of posts on the plane. If I can actually do that, then all I would need to do is publish or schedule those posts once I get to the first hotel and can connect my laptop to the hotel’s WiFi connection. (Tip: There are usually free WiFi connections in the hotel lobbies whereas you usually need to pay for WiFi connection in the hotel rooms!)

I will make it interesting and not share the exact dates of my trip. I want to see if anyone would be able to tell that I am updating the blog while traveling.

Do you have any advice on traveling with a toddler or maintaining a blog while traveling? Share them with me in the comments section below. I look forward to hearing from you!