Time sure flies!

It is already April, which means 3 months have passed and we just finished the first quarter of 2017.

This is the time when I take a look back and measure my progress against the goals that I have set for myself at the start of 2017.

1.  Get down to a healthy weight of 180 lbs by the end of 2017

I was 203 lbs at the beginning of 2017.

So, in order for me to get down to a healthy weight of 180 lbs by the end of this year, I would need to drop exactly 23 lbs in 12 months, about 6 lbs per quarter, or roughly 2 lbs each month.

I currently weigh 198 lbs, which means I am just one pound shy from being on track and will need to try to lose that extra pound this coming quarter.

In terms of my diet, I have cut down on my intake of carbs and sugar. However, I haven’t been exercising as much as I should have been. Now that the weather is getting better and it is becoming warmer outside, I plan to start jogging at least 3 times a week.

2.  Read 4 books this year

To help accomplish this goal, I made a list of books that I plan to read in 2017. In order to read 4 books this year, I should be reading a book per quarter. So far so good.

I just finished my first book a couple weeks ago and have just started reading my second book.

At some point, I may do a book review or maybe even start a PWDW book club and recommend the books that I thought were particularly good.

3.  Add 2 investment properties to the portfolio

I am still learning and doing research for this goal.

As of now, I am certain that I will be looking for investment properties outside of New York City. As much as I would love to invest here, I simply cannot afford it.

So where am I looking at investment properties then? Currently, I am looking at Dallas, TX. There has been some major developments in Dallas over the past few years and it is continuing to grow.

In fact, I am starting to consider relocating to Dallas within the next couple of years. From a financial perspective, the cost of living is more affordable than NYC and there is the added benefit of not having to pay any state income tax. It also seems like a great place to live, settle down, and raise a family.

4.  Grow Penny Wise Dollar Wiser

When I set this goal at the beginning of the year, I wasn’t able to quantify specifically what I was hoping to accomplish and so I left it at a very high level. I just didn’t have enough details to come up with any realistic or measurable goal other than the fact that I wanted this blog to be successful and attract readers.

I mean I could have made my goal to be “get 100,000 page views per day” or something like that, but I would just be making up a random number and setting myself up for failure.

I recognize that I am just starting out, so I need to focus on the other things such as having a consistent posting schedule, publishing useful and interesting materials, and coming up with ways to gain traffic and new readers.

So I will leave this goal at a very high level, but will try to come up with more specific goals on how to grow PWDW in the next few months.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am happy with my progress so far. For the most part, I am on track to meeting and accomplishing my 2017 goals.

Are you tracking your goals? How are you doing so far?