Financial experts say you have two options for making more money. The first, of course, is to earn more money. And the second way? That’s to save more. Sometimes saving money can seem hard, but with these helpful tips, you can live your life more fully while living frugally.

1.  Consider Having Only One Car

If you want to cut a huge chunk of expense out right off the bat, try having just one car for your family. That’s less gas, less repair work, less car payment and insurance right there.

This might not work for every family, but if one of you works from home, consider sharing one car.

2.  Shop for Second-Hand Items

There are lots of things you can buy that are previously-owned and gently used. Look into these things for books, clothes, appliances and furniture first before investing in something new.

3.  Pack Your Own Lunch for Work

Eating out is expensive, especially if you run off with your work pals every day for lunch hour. Even if you go to a fast food restaurant, you’re spending more money that doesn’t need to be spent.

Pack a lunch and save up for a better meal in the future.

4.  Stop Buying Coffee

You do not need that giant latte every morning. Skip the café and bring in your own home-brewed stuff.

Even if you buy a gourmet brand of coffee, you’ll be saving tons of money by brewing it in your own kitchen.

5.  Discover Free Entertainment

Every city has a list of free events.

Check out the events for your city and you might just be pleasantly surprised by the cool things you and the family can do this weekend for free!

6.  Conserve Water and Energy

Utilities are necessary but they can cost us a fortune if we waste them. Take a look at your water and energy consumption and make adjustments as needed.

For example, turn out the lights and turn off the fans in rooms you’re not using. Turn off the water while lathering up your face or brushing your teeth. These simple things really add up to savings on your monthly bills.

(Here are some more ways to save money on utilities.)

7.  Grow Your Own Fruits and Vegetables

You can save on groceries and live a healthier lifestyle if you use your yard to grow your own produce. Some things like herbs can even be grown indoors.

There are tons of tutorials that also show you how to take leftover bits from the vegetables you have and regrow them with ease in a bowl. Check them out!

8.  Cut out the Impulses

If you get to the checkout line and are surprised by the cost, take a good hard look in your cart. Did you buy the things you need? Or did you just grab what looked good?

If you’re constantly tossing items in there on impulse, you can save a bundle by curing yourself of that habit.

What ways do you use to live frugally? Let me know!