Saving money isn’t always easy. It takes rigid discipline and responsibility, leaving many of us feeling like we didn’t have to “adult” so much. However, it doesn’t have to be a boring chore. There are many fun ways to save up your money for something bigger and better down the road. Whether your goal is to buy a new home or car, or take the family on a real vacation, you can use these fun ways to save up money and watch your balance grow fast!

1.  Pick a Bill to Save

You should always keep cash on you and use it when you go grocery shopping because you’ll be less likely to overspend than if you were to use your debit or credit cards. So every time you use cash, pick a denomination and every time you see it, stash it away for savings. Try using $5 or $10 bills for the best results!

2.  Grow Your Own Produce

You don’t need a green thumb or acres of land to grow your own fruits, vegetables, and fresh herbs. Stick with some easier items and you’ll save a ton on your grocery bill. Plus, it’s fun for the kids, more nutritious and the results are fresh and delicious!

3.  Start a Habit Jar

Everyone has some kind of bad habit. Whether yours is cursing too much or smoking, get a big jar and add $1 to it every time you engage in your bad behavior. You’ll save extra money and hopefully you’ll learn to break your bad habits.

4.  Choose a Good Bank

Where you save your money matters. Many banks want to compete for your business by offering higher interest on savings or even offer a cash bonus for opening an account. Do a little research and see which ones will benefit you the most.

5.  Be Less Wasteful at Home

Whether you let the water run while you brush your teeth or wash the dishes, leave fans on when you’re out, or keep lights on in rooms you’re not in, you’re wasting money. The best way to save is to not waste money on these seemingly little things. They add up to big expenses.

6.  Shop After Major Holidays

With a little planning, you can be ready for Christmas or any other major holiday long before it rolls around. After each holiday, stores slash prices on holiday-related items. That means cards, wrapping paper, decorations, candy and other gifts are usually half off or more!

7.  Go Generic

Your supermarket’s generic brand is the same as the major labels. You can save lots of money every time you shop for groceries if you try out the generic brands instead. The cereal the kids love so much that’s now almost $5 a box? Get the generic for half the price and the kids will never know the difference.

If you think about it, there are many ways to be creative about saving. It’s not just about tucking money into a piggy bank or saving it at the bank anymore. Get creative with your savings and see how much you can save!