As part of my 2017 goals, I intend to read at least 4 books this year – which means I should be reading at least one book every 3 months.

Reading 4 books in 12 months may not seem like much, especially when there are people reading a book a month or even a book a week. However, I only read one book in all of 2016 (though I did read tons of baby-related articles that my wife sent me), so attempting to read 11 to 51 more books than I did the previous year is probably setting myself up for failure.

Rather than scramble to figure out the next book after I am done with one, I did my research and know which 4 books I will be reading this year.

1.  Think and Grow Rich

Author:  Napoleon Hill

Why I picked this book:  This is a book that has been highly recommended for anyone who hopes to find purpose and success in life. In fact, many successful millionaires and billionaires have listed this book as a must-read. Though the book was published in 1937, it still remains a top seller even today – 80 years later.

The author, Napoleon Hill, interviewed 500 successful men all over the country and discovered that they all shared the same principles that attributed to their success. These 13 key principles were then condensed into this book and have been time tested for the last 8 decades.

2.  How To Win Friends & Influence People

Author:  Dale Carnegie

Why I picked this book:  Yet another highly recommended book that was published in 1937. As the title suggests, this book focuses on communicating and interacting with others, both of which are key to work, business, and life in general.

Though the reviews do acknowledge that the book contains dated language and references, the reviews also indicate the key principles still apply today and readers have used the principles to improve their personal life and business relationships.

3.  The Richest Man in Babylon

Author:  George S. Clason

Why I picked this book:  Looks like I am going further back into the past with this one as this book was published in 1926. Another highly recommended book that shares the success secrets from thousands of years ago. The book gets into topics of being thrifty, financial planning, and personal wealth – all keys to getting on a path to financial freedom.

4.  The Intelligent Investor

Author:  Benjamin Graham

Why I picked this book:  I am getting closer to the present time with this one as this book was published in 1949 – closer but not quite. This is one of the books that the great Warren Buffet has attributed to his financial success and his investing style. Stock investing is an area I am hoping to learn more about and improve on – especially since my current strategy is to simply buy stocks of companies that appears to be doing well.

Do you have a book list? If so, which books are on your list?